Health and Recovery


(Body/2 + Spirit/2) x Tier

This defines a Character’s Life Force, and represents their ability to survive extreme damage. When a Character takes a hit, they make a Contested Vitality Roll against the Damage dealt. If successful, the Character is Winded, otherwise the Character suffers increasing Wounds.

  • Winded
    • Winded Characters suffer a 1-step Increase of Difficulty until the end of the next round
  • Bruised (Wounded 1)
    • Bruised Characters suffer a 1-step Increase of Difficulty for One Day
  • Injured (Wounded 2)
    • Injured Characters suffer a 2-step Increase of Difficulty for Two Days
  • Crippled (Wounded 3)
    • Crippled Characters suffer a 3-step Increase of Difficulty for Four Days
  • Down (Wounded 4)
    • Down Characters can perform no Actions; this condition persists naturally for 8 Days
  • Dead (Wounded 5)
    • Dead Characters are Dead unless Raised through Magical Means or Immediately Healed

Natural Recovery

Through rest and light activity, a Character makes a Vitality test at a Difficulty corresponding to Basic + Wounded Level at the end of the Time Increment

  • Success reduces Wound Level by one Stage
  • Failure resets the Time Increment
  • Critical Success reduces by one Stage, and also allows an immediate test to reduce again
  • Critical Failure increases Wound by one Stage

Health and Recovery

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