Attributes define a Character mechanically, emphasizing their Skills and Features and giving a broad-view image of who the Character represents to the system.

  • Body
    • Represents a Character’s physical acumen and fitness
  • Grace
    • Involves grace of movement, both in a sense of Agility and Social graces
  • Speed
    • A Character’s quickness, both physical and mental
  • Spirit
    • Involves the ephemeral qualities of Aura and soul, representing strength of Character and perseverance
  • Presence
    • Force of personality and stature, suggesting the strength of social reactions and interactions
  • Mind
    • Intellect and reason, coupled with cunning and wisdom
  • Luck
    • Favor and chance, Luck effects everything the Character does by influencing Critical Chance

Attributes range from 1 to 25, with the normal “Mortal” range from 1 to 15, Adult Average at 5


Skills represent a Character’s training and background. Each Skill is derived from a single Attribute or a combination of Attributes, modified by Background choices.

Non-Combat Skills

  • Alchemy
    • (Grace/2 + Mind/2)
    • Mixing of Aethers, Ichors, and Primals to create Magical Formulas
  • Athletics
    • (Body/2 + Grace/2)
    • Physical competition and tests, such as sports, climbing, swimming, and gymnastics
  • Brawn
    • (Body)
    • Feats of Strength and tests of mettle
  • Carousing
    • (Grace/2 + Presence/2)
    • Social entertaining and socializing in a group
  • Charisma
    • (Grace/3 + Spirit/3 + Presence/3)
    • Charm and impressions on a personal level
  • Command
    • (Spirit/2 + Presence/2)
    • Leadership and ability to inspire those under your guidance
  • Deceit
    • (Grace/2 + Mind/2)
    • Misdirection, half-truths, and flat-out lies
  • Endurance
    • (Body/2 + Spirit/2)
    • Physical stamina, and the ability to continue under physical conditions that would stop others
  • Fortune
    • (Luck)
    • Chance that uncontrollable events work out in a way that is, at the least, not unfavorable
  • Harrow
    • (Spirit/3 + Presence/3 + Mind/3)
    • Inflicting emotional or mental stress upon others, including intimidation and interrogation
  • Instruction
    • (Grace/3 + Spirit/3 + Mind/3)
    • The ability to train others in concepts that they are unfamiliar with
  • Invention
    • (Spirit/2 + Mind/2)
    • The ability to create new technologies, and to comprehend existing ones
  • Notice
    • (Speed/3 + Spirit/3 + Mind/3)
    • Governs the ability to find hidden things, notice disguises and sneaks, and pick up on sensual nuances
  • Performance
    • (Grace/3 + Spirit/3 + Presence/3)
    • Public entertaining, such as dancing, singing, stand-up comedy, or musical instruments
  • Prayer
    • (Spirit)
    • The ability to perform or understand sacred and profane rituals in order to placate or comprehend the Divines
  • Preparedness
    • (Mind/2 + Luck/2)
    • The odds that the Character happens to have a mundane item that they may have brought with them, but forgot to declare
  • Rituals
    • (Spirit/2 + Mind/2)
    • The ability to perform elaborate Occult Geometry in order to influence elemental and magical environs
  • Running
    • (Body/2 + Speed/2)
    • Combining speed and endurance, covers both overland speed and length of sprints
  • Seduction
    • (Body/3 + Grace/3 + Presence/3)
    • The ability to persuade others to act out of their normal character with a combination of innuendo, attractiveness, and charm
  • Serendipity
    • (Spirit/2 + Luck/2)
    • The Chance that a Character is where they want/need to be to be involved with the current scenario, or to further their story
  • Sleight of Hand
    • (Grace/2 + Speed/2)
    • Pickpocketing, lock-picking, dealing from the bottom of the deck, magic tricks, and more are covered by the ability to move one’s hands faster than most people can follow
  • Stealth
    • (Grace/3 + Speed/3 + Mind/3)
    • How not to be seen
  • Study
    • (Spirit/2 + Mind/2)
    • Skilled in research and attentiveness to materials, allowing the Character to train unknown concepts faster
  • Tenacity
    • (Spirit)
    • Willpower and gusto, this Skill designs a Character’s ability to push past mental barriers and damage to persevere
  • Theurgy
    • (Grace/2 + Mind/2)
    • The ability to use a Grimoire to train Spells, and to cast them from Memory
  • Wrestling
    • (Body/3 + Grace/3 + Speed/3)
    • Skill in grappling and holds, not so much a Combat Skill as a Competitive one, as Grappling in Armed Combat is normally ill-advised

Combat Skills

  • Active Defense
    • (Grace/2 + Speed/2)
    • This Skill Represents Dodges and Feints, though not Parries or Blocks
  • Archery
    • (Grace/3 + Speed/3 + Spirit/3)
    • This Skill Represents any attack fired from a Bow
  • Armed Combat
    • (Body/2 + Speed/2)
    • This Skill Represents any use of a Melee Weapon in combat
  • Passive Defense
    • (Body/2 + Grace/2)
    • This Skill Represents Blocks and Reliance on Armor and Vitality
  • Ranged Combat
    • (Grace/3 + Speed/3 + Mind/3)
    • This Skill Represents Firearms and Rifles in combat
  • Thrown Combat
    • (Body/3 + Grace/3 + Speed/3)
    • This Skill Represents Thrown items, such as Grenades, Spears, etc.
  • Unarmed Combat
    • (Body/3 + Grace/3 + Spirit/3)
    • This Skill Represents martial arts or brawling in combat

Skill Modifiers, not including Base, range from 1 to 10, with “Mortal” range being 1 to 6

Rating 1 Untrained Amateur
Rating 2 Trained Amateur
Rating 3 Apprentice
Rating 4 Journeyman
Rating 5 Master
Rating 6 Enlightened


Traits are how a Character is defined, at Character Creation and after. These are the values the Players will have the most control over, and using these the Player will define their Character more completely.


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