Chance of Success

Using Skills and Making Rolls

To determine the Rolls Characters must make, follow this:

  • Characters take their Base Skill (determined by Attributes)
  • Multiply by their Skill Rating (determined by Training)
  • In order to determine Basic CoS (Chance of Success)

This is then filled in on the Character Sheet under the Basic Difficulty column.

  • Routine Difficulty: x2
  • Simple Difficulty: x1.5
  • Basic Difficulty: x1; this is the Basic CoS
  • Difficult: x.8
  • Challenging: x.6
  • Monumental: x.4
  • Unbelievable: x.2
  • Legendary: x.1

When a Roll is Declared, the Player rolls d% against the stated Difficulty to determine Success.

Critical Success occurs whenever a Player rolls under their Luck on the Skill Check, and still succeeds. Critical Failure occurs when a Player rolls under their Luck, but fails the Skill Check.

To determine the winner in Competitive rolls (Combat included), the roll must be the highest Die Value, while also succeeding at the roll.

Chance of Success

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